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Lync Server 2013 Centralized Logging UI- Beta

Update 4/24/2013:

As anyone who came to this blog probably realized, my Lync 2013 Centralized Logging UI quickly became outdated. Luckily, James from has done a great job of bringing it back to life!


Definitely check this out and support that project. He has done a great job of not only fixing my tool, but making it better. Thanks!


All of this talk about Lync Server 2013 centralized logging has driven me to start a little side project. A powershell UI for the lync centralized logging. I am hopefully going to add a lot more features to this, but figured I would share the early beta to get some feedback.

For more details on lync centralized logging, see this link:

Couple of things:

  1. Right now this must be run from a Lync 2013 Server
  2. This assumes that the default C:\Program Files was selected on install, if this is not where Lync is installed, you may have issues, and may need to adjust that file path.
  3. Right now it does not let you search specific text or components, I will be adding that functionality in the next rev.
Link to download is here:

If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments, thanks!


UPDATE: 9:30PM 8/2/2012- I just finished “Beta 2” I re designed the UI. it can be found in the above link. Thanks!

UPDATE: 10:15PM 8/2/2012- I just finished “Beta 3” I added filter options to Beta 3. Link is above!


UPDATE:  8/4/2012- I just finished “Beta 4” I performed some cleanup and tweaks, as well as the ability to export your specific component logs as well.


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An afternoon in NYC with Lync 2013- NYC Lync User Group

Quick announcement here:

See for more details!

Meeting Details

August 16th 2012 2PM-5PM, an Afternoon in NYC with Lync 2013

The NYC Lync User Group will be conducting its next meeting on August 16th, 2012 at the Microsoft Manhattan Office!   This meeting will introduce everyone to Lync Server 2013. With all of the new features coming in Lync 2013, we will have plenty to talk about at this meeting. Food and Drink will be provided as well!

In addition to discussing Lync 2013, we will also have a special presentation from the Unify2 UC Adoption Team. “The switch from legacy telephony to unified communications is a high hurdle for many enterprises, and changing the way workers conduct meetings from in physical locations to online is an even steeper learning curve. Unify2 Adoption Services are designed to lay groundwork for increased user satisfaction and improved productivity, and to help our customers realize their ROI in a shorter timeframe.”




Intros and Welcome 2:00PM-2:30PM
Lync 2013 – What is New (Overview) Speaker TBD 2:30PM-3:30PM
Lync 2013 Functionality Demo – Randy Wintle 3:45PM-4:00PM
Break 3:45PM-4:00PM
Driving UC Adoption in Your Enterprise- Unify2 UC Adoption Specialist 4:00PM-4:45PM
Sponsor Presentation- Jabra 4:45PM-5:00PM
Evaluation Surveys and Giveaways 5:00PM
Networking/Social Hour 5:00PM-6:00PM



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