How to connect your Polycom VVX IP Phone to Office 365 Cloud PBX

CloudPBX Is Here!

It’s finally here, CloudPBX from Microsoft! More information on the solution can be found all over the web, and here is a great starting point direct from Microsoft :

Polycom happens to have some IP Phones that work with Office 365 Cloud PBX. This is in addition to the CX series (Lync Phone Edition) phones available from Polycom and other vendors that also work with cloud PBX. For a complete list of phones that work with Cloud PBX, check this out:

Now, let’s say you decide to go with Polycom VVX phones, how do you get them up and running with cloud PBX? Read more


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Lync User Group October Events

With over 10 groups across the US, things are really taking off with the Lync Users Group Organization.


Check out for more information and to join a city near you.

For folks in NYC- the next event is scheduled for October 23rd and will include presentations on HLB/Reverse Proxy and an Edge Deep Dive-




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A User Centric Approach to Communications and Collaboration Technologies

I had about 8 hours in the car the last two days so I spent some time catching up on the Industry Buzz Podcasts (  from the UC Strategies Team ( A lot of things stuck with me, and have helped me with my strategic approach to UC consulting and I wanted to share a few tips.

Whether you are a business looking to deploy a new communications solution, or you are a consultant deploying these services to a business, I think it is critical to remind yourself that Unified Communications should be 100% focused on the end users and not the technology.

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Quick Tip: Media Bypass Not Available for Edge Connected Users

This is just a quick tip from the field. If you are deploying media bypass it is important to know it will only be available for endpoints that have registered internally, NOT through the Edge. This is by design and may be changed in the future as can be seen in the cmdlet parameters for New-CSNetworkMediaBypassConfiguration. The parameter ExsternalBypassMode is reserved for future use. Read more


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Understanding Lync Server Support Options

Microsoft recently made changes to the support options available to organizations deploying Microsoft Lync. Microsoft covered these changes in a Next Hop Blog Post- Expanded Lync Server Support Options. I wanted to provide an overview of these changes as I see them from a Microsoft Customer and Microsoft Partner perspective. This post will outline the pros and cons to the newly available support options.

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Announcing the first ever Lync Saturday!

One of the most amazing parts of Microsoft Lync is the community of experts that supports it. It is completely natural for the MVPs and contributors to the Lync community to selflessly help others. I see this even between competing consultants! It is great. The reason I am mentioning this is that I have worked with a great group of community experts to start up Lync Saturday.

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Lync Server 2013 Unleashed has been… Unleashed!

I am super proud to announce that the new book I Co-Authored, Lync Server 2013 Unleashed is now available! This book is available on Amazon in ebook and good ol paperback!

The Microsoft NextHop blog provided an incredibly generous review of the book, which is available here:

What I want to do in this post is provide an overview of the sections in the book, and how they will apply to readers of all types. When we started writing this book we wanted it to be the number one resource for Lync. This includes covering all aspects of a Lync journey, from early conception to detailed troubleshooting and advanced technical scenarios. I have broken the readers down into two broad categories, although I am sure there are many other scenarios out there.

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Locating the AlwaysOn Centralized Logging Files for Lync Server 2013

Lync centralized logging is a great new feature with Lync Server 2013. This feature also allows you to configure AlwaysOn logging, which will keep logging on, always J This is helpful in situations where an issue has been reported and you are not able to reproduce, or do not want to bother users to reproduce.

The commands for configuring centralized logging allow you to specify file locations, rollover time limits and sizes. However, these settings are only for when a user initiates a logging session. The AlwaysOn logging files are stored as part of the network service account, and in order to locate these ETL files, you must navigate to the following folder, by default:

%WINDIR%\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Local\Temp\Tracing Read more


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My First Days with Surface

I consider myself to have a major bias towards Microsoft products. It is what I have made my living on ever since I started my career. I will say however, when the Surface was set to release, I was skeptical. My goal was to have a tablet that could be used for work and play, and to have said tablet be a replacement for my laptop when I travel for work. After testing the Surface in the Times Square store on launch night, and after a few days of use, I think I may have found my dream device. Read more


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Lync Server 2013 Centralized Logging UI- Beta

Update 4/24/2013:

As anyone who came to this blog probably realized, my Lync 2013 Centralized Logging UI quickly became outdated. Luckily, James from has done a great job of bringing it back to life!


Definitely check this out and support that project. He has done a great job of not only fixing my tool, but making it better. Thanks!


All of this talk about Lync Server 2013 centralized logging has driven me to start a little side project. A powershell UI for the lync centralized logging. I am hopefully going to add a lot more features to this, but figured I would share the early beta to get some feedback.

For more details on lync centralized logging, see this link:

Couple of things:

  1. Right now this must be run from a Lync 2013 Server
  2. This assumes that the default C:\Program Files was selected on install, if this is not where Lync is installed, you may have issues, and may need to adjust that file path.
  3. Right now it does not let you search specific text or components, I will be adding that functionality in the next rev.
Link to download is here:

If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments, thanks!


UPDATE: 9:30PM 8/2/2012- I just finished “Beta 2” I re designed the UI. it can be found in the above link. Thanks!

UPDATE: 10:15PM 8/2/2012- I just finished “Beta 3” I added filter options to Beta 3. Link is above!


UPDATE:  8/4/2012- I just finished “Beta 4” I performed some cleanup and tweaks, as well as the ability to export your specific component logs as well.


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