Announcing the first ever Lync Saturday!

One of the most amazing parts of Microsoft Lync is the community of experts that supports it. It is completely natural for the MVPs and contributors to the Lync community to selflessly help others. I see this even between competing consultants! It is great. The reason I am mentioning this is that I have worked with a great group of community experts to start up Lync Saturday.

We have seen how successful SharePoint Saturday and SQL Saturday have been over the years. These national organizations provide the local communities with endless amounts of knowledge, and tons of fun at their events. Our goal is to try and bring that same experience to Lync enthusiasts around the nation.

Please take a minute to visit the site, and please do let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions for the next Lync Saturday meeting. These FREE events will be happening across the US, and maybe someday across the World.

Visit the site here, the agenda will be posted soon!

Thank you!




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    1. yergg

      Am I missing something? What is the website and what is the date?


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