Lync Server 2013 Unleashed has been… Unleashed!

I am super proud to announce that the new book I Co-Authored, Lync Server 2013 Unleashed is now available! This book is available on Amazon in ebook and good ol paperback!

The Microsoft NextHop blog provided an incredibly generous review of the book, which is available here:

What I want to do in this post is provide an overview of the sections in the book, and how they will apply to readers of all types. When we started writing this book we wanted it to be the number one resource for Lync. This includes covering all aspects of a Lync journey, from early conception to detailed troubleshooting and advanced technical scenarios. I have broken the readers down into two broad categories, although I am sure there are many other scenarios out there.

IT Decision Makers/Project or Program Managers and Anyone Interested in receiving an overview of Lync Server 2013

It is an awfully long title, I know, but the first section of this book is really tailored to everyone. Part 1: Lync Server 2013 Overview will start readers off with an overview of the history of Lync Server, the new features available and the benefits of Lync Server 2013. At the end of the section an entire chapter is dedicated to understanding and developing a business case for Lync Server 2013, as well as how to achieve Return On Investment (ROI) with Lync Server 2013.

This section will go a long way in helping organizations that want to understand if Lync is right for them. Additionally, if that decision has already been made, nearly every organization must establish a proper business case and ROI plan to invest in and deploy Lync, this section will provide the necessary details to be successful in that area.

The team that wrote this book has extensive experience with consulting engagements for all types of Lync deployments and other technologies over the years, these details are poured out into this book providing a unique view into Lync Server 2013.

Technical Folks- Architects, engineers, consultants, support teams, and the curious Project Manager

The rest of the book really represents everyone with a technical bone in their body. The book will progress from providing an overview of the technology to exploring the inner depths of Lync Server 2013. This includes details on all work loads in Lync Server, how to design a solution, how to deploy the solution and how to support the solution. Following a similar theme to described earlier. the team here has extensive knowledge of a number of technologies, with an expert focus on Lync Server, all of this knowledge and real world experience is dumped into this book, providing readers with the Swiss army knife for Lync deployments. I have provided an overview of the contents below:

Part 2: Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Server Roles

Part 3: External Dependencies (SQL, Firewall and Security)

Part 4: Administration and Management

Part 5: Migration from Older Versions

Part 6: Lync Voice, Video and Integration

Part 7: Integration with Other Applications

Part 8: Office 365 and Lync Online

Part 9: Lync Server 2013 Clients

Part 10: Planning for Deployment

Part 11: UC Endpoints

Each of these sections is filled with chapters (roughly 900 printed pages) of content. I encourage you to download the Amazon kindle free preview and decide if this book is right for you.

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