Group Chat Install Error “Lookup Server 1385”

During a recent group chat server installation, the wizard failed with a very cryptic error message after specifying the Lookup Service account. We also got the same message for the Channel Account configuration.

The error message looked like this:


A Google search turned up nothing, and a quick query on the formicary hosted UC Community Group Chat Channel didn’t have any immediate answers. Bryan Childs was able to point me in the right direction looking for the log on as service permissions on the box.

The customer in question had PCI requirements where service accounts are denied the right to logon interactively, if not they had to change the passwords on those accounts during their regular intervals for user accounts. This setting was the culprit. Once removing the policy denying the service account interactive login rights we were able to proceed with installation. I did notice that during the installation it grants those accounts the log on as service rights on the local box, not sure how related these settings are.

Anyways, seems the group chat errors are pretty generic, this may not even be strictly for this issue, however wanted to get the information out there.


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